Global Bushcraft Symposium 2022 Videos

A package of professionally filmed and edited videos of 2022 GBS speaker presentations for you to stream or download and keep.

What you'll get:

  • Opening presentation by David Delafield (Co-chair of the 2019 GBS) – “The Path to Here, and Maybe There”.
  • David Wescott – “Ethics and Style”.
  • Bruce Zawalsky – “The Magic & Science of the Mors Kochanski Super Shelter”.
  • Mattias Norberg – “Forests and Trees”.
  • Professor Linda Hurcombe – “Learning to think with your hands: linking past and present”.
  • Dave Marrone – “A Wilderness Way of Life”.
  • Karie Lee – “Energy Techniques for Survival Situations”
  • Raven Gray – “Intuitive Tracking: Awakening the Wild Within”.
  • Paul Moseley – “Situated Knowledges and Poetics of Dwelling”.
  • Dr Chris Eastabrook – “Developing Independence in Learners: Some Considerations”.
  • Dr John Leach – “Survival Psychology: Understanding the Won’t to Live”.
  • Patrick McGlinchey – “Sticks & Stones: There and Back Again”.
  • John Rhyder – “Tracking and Lifelong Learning”.
  • Monica Wilde – “The Wilderness Cure”.
  • Dan Baird – “In Search Of The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Prioritization System”.
  • Dr Manu Tranquard – “Wilderness Survival Science: optimizing the use of fire in survival situations”.
  • Jonathan McArthur – “Growing up with Iagoo: The use of stories in teaching and learning”.
  • Andrew Thomas Price – “Wellbeing through Bushcraft”.
  • Fraser Christian – “One Ocean: Skills for Life”.
  • Ray Goodwin – “From Trepidation to Comfort: Learning to Love the Boreal Forest”.
  • Dave Watson. – “The Universal Language of Bushcraft”.
  • Kielyn Marrone – “A Long Walk Together”.
  • Jason Ingamells – “Pracademic”.
  • Cat Bigney – “The Hallmark of Our Species”.
  • Cody Lundin – “Wilderness Water Wisdom: Looking for water in arid environments”.
  • Gordon Dedman – “The fusion of bushcraft and military survival training and how they can both complement each other”.
  • David Wescott – “Flat Sheet Technology”.
  • Women In Bushcraft Panel Discussion – With Dr Lisa Fenton, Dr Theresa Emmerich Kamper, Karie Lee Knoke, Cat Bigney and Raven Gray.
  • Dr Theresa Emmerich Kamper – “Remembering Forgotten Knowledge: Experimental Archaeology and Skill Acquisition”.
  • Dr Žiga Ogorelec – “Living Off the Land in the Wilderness of Central Europe”.
  • Professor Zoe Playdon – “A Future for Bushcraft?”
  • Dr Andre-Francois Bourbeau – “Survival of humanity? Applying wilderness survival principles to evaluate the fate of mankind”.

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